Hillary Clinton's Endless Summer
Back in the spring, some political analysts were predicting that Barack Obama would pull even with Hillary Clinton by the end of summer. Judging by last week’s New Hampshire polling data from the UNH Survey Center, and today’s national polling data from The Washington Post, that scenario has not yet materialized.
In addition to running a disciplined campaign, and continuing to cultivate an aura of inevitability, Clinton has been remarkably resilient on the Iraq War issue. Some local political observers (me included) thought that she might not survive the wrath that New Hampshire’s antiwar voters directed at her at town hall meetings last winter, for her unwillingness to apologize for supporting President Bush’s Iraq War resolution.
Despite taking some jabs from John Edwards on the issue at last week’s debate at Dartmouth College, and a continued hammering from Obama, Clinton nonetheless appears to have successfully staked out a centrist position on the war that allows her to call for an end to the conflict, while retaining maximum flexibility for how that policy is implemented over time.
An issue that once had the potential to be Hillary Clinton's undoing as a candidate, no longer appears sufficiently sharp to deflate her buoyancy in the polls, and we don’t hear much talk from voters these days about that undelivered apology.

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