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You may have seen this little item today reporting on a scheduled Republican fundraiser for Senate nominee Kelly Ayotte to be hosted by none other than Ovide Lamontagne, the primary opponent she defeated by about 1600 votes a little more than a week ago. I have been especially interested to see the amount of attention the announcement has garnered in the national press. Given the continuing animosity between Republican Senate primary opponents in places like Alaska and Delaware, I guess there is some surprise out there that Ovide would be willing to host this event for Ayotte.
Well, there shouldn’t be. That sort of vindictiveness doesn’t appear to be part of Ovide’s political make-up. In fact, I predicted to friends early on that Lamontagne would not ask for a recount of the final primary tally. Despite statements by him that he is a conservative first and a Republican second, Ovide seems like a party guy. Hosting the fundraiser also keeps him relevant in the race in a way that might even allow him to influence the political discourse a bit. I was surprised, however, to learn that the fundraiser is being held in Washington.  Given Lamontagne’s publicly-stated aversion to taking up residence in that town, you would think that he’d make them hold the event closer to home.

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