Lynch is Down on the Upside
When the new WMUR/Granite State Poll numbers on Gov. Lynch came out yesterday, various media outlets dutifully reported that the governor’s job approval rating had slipped a bit. Indeed, if you look at the data, you will see that Lynch’s rating has dropped 14% in the past year, not an insignificant drop for any politician. But I think many local political observers (and media) would agree that the real subtext of this story is that despite a difficult economy, well-documented state budget woes, and one of the most partisan political environments in recent memory, a Democratic governor in his third term still has high job approval (60%).
Almost exactly one year ago, when Lynch’s approval rating was still hovering in the mid-70s, I wrote a post about why I thought he seemed immune to bad political mojo. I argued back then (and continue to believe) that much of it has to do with his management style, especially his ability to present policy decisions, even partisan ones, in a decidedly non-partisan way. It is no surprise that Lynch’s approval rating is still at 68% among independent voters, and given the current level of partisan polarization in our political discourse, 42% approval among Republicans isn’t bad either. Should Lynch decide to run for a record fourth term, he will be difficult to unseat.

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