Palin Fatigue
You might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything on former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and the kickoff of her Going Rogue battleground book tour this week.  I’ve actually thought about posting something, but I must confess to feeling a touch of Palin fatigue. The media coverage over the past few days (and in the weeks leading up the release date) has been so over-the-top that (as happens on occasion) I really don’t have anything interesting to add.
I have watched the Oprah Show appearance, viewed clips of the Barbara Walters interview, and read much of the book’s vetting by the media. From a political angle, it sounds primarily like more of the same she said he said score-settling between Palin and the McCain campaign that we heard last winter after the Republican ticket went down to defeat. For anyone who has paid even modest attention to Palin over the past year, most of this should be old news.
As I have written several times before, until Palin shows any interest and/or aptitude for reaching outside of her comfort zone among social and religious conservatives, I don’t see her as a compelling electoral prospect. Perhaps she will try to make some mischief in Republican Party primaries for the midterms as she did in New York’s 23rd district, but other big conservative players will be doing the same thing. In the meantime, I’m sure she will sell a lot of books preaching to the choir.


Posted On: 11-20-2009 05:45:46 by Jim Splaine
As a Democrat who enjoys seeing the Republican Party mess itself up, I'm delighted in everything Palin. And as a long-time student of campaigns throughout the years in the New Hampshire First-In-The-Nation Presidential Primary, I can see Sarah Palin winning here -- or doing exceptionally (and comparatively) well -- in 2012, and pushing her party into fits nationally. She has a niche, and that's what can produce a victory or at least a "good 'better-than-expected' finish" in the Republican Party in Iowa for a candidate (Huckabee, Pat Robinson), or New Hampshire (Pat Buchanan). She has a core of people who for some reason I can understand but can't quite relate with get excited about her. It's part fad, part cult, and part confusion, but it's politically real. We shouldn't underestimate her clout.

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