Good Question...Not!
When I read that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was asked this morning on the Today show whether she would ever run for president again, I found myself feeling somewhat annoyed. This reaction surprised me, as I thought I had long since accepted the media’s fetish with asking public officials about whether they harbor any presidential ambitions. But putting the question to Clinton at this point struck me as especially silly.
This is not only because Clinton just completed an exhausting two-year trek through the presidential selection process, or because she can’t realistically run again for another seven years, when she would be approaching the age of 70. As if Clinton’s “no” right now (however “Shermanesque” it was) would actually preclude her from changing her mind almost a decade down the political road.
Clinton has already distinguished herself as a team player in the Obama Administration. For all the talk about potential daylight between her and President Obama on foreign policy matters, we haven’t seen any thus far. There is no chance that Clinton would ever answer this question in a way that could undercut her current dynamic with the president. So, in this context, the question was even more pointless than usual.  I would have enjoyed hearing Clinton instead reply to Ann Curry this morning, "Even if the answer were yes, I wouldn't tell you!"

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