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We learned today that former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin’s new memoir will be available for purchase in November, months earlier than expected and just in time to make your holiday shopping list. While there will be the inevitable questions about how much of the 400-page tome Palin actually wrote herself in the few short months since resigning from office, I will be especially interested to see what kind of media Palin does in conjunction with the book’s release.
A high-profile political figure with this kind of product to sell will usually try to blanket as many major outlets as possible, but Palin doesn’t have a typical relationship with the media. On those occasions when she hasn’t been reticent to speak, Palin has engaged in some fairly antagonistic back-and-forth with members of the mainstream press, which raises the stakes for any subsequent interviews she might want to do. Palin’s publisher no doubt expects the book to sell like gangbusters with social and religious conservatives, so her marketing handlers will target friendly outlets accordingly.
But given Palin’s current celebrity, this will be a sufficiently big public event that she could certainly do shows like Meet the Press, Larry King Live, 60 Minutes, and even The Daily Show, which would give her exposure to a broader audience. As I have written before on several occasions, until Palin demonstrates that she can connect with a significant number of voters beyond her base, her potential as a presidential candidate in a general election is limited. While that might not be her ultimate goal, using this upcoming book release as an opportunity for another go-round with Katie Couric could be just the ticket.

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