Five for Fighting
If you are still harboring any doubts that both national political parties view retiring New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg’s seat as a political plumb, check out this new web video (watch here) released by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. The video mocks a group of five Senate hopefuls as comprising a Republican Dream Team, and features among its targets former New Hampshire Attorney General Kelly Ayotte. Chiding Ayotte for breaking a promise to serve a full second term in order to advance her own career, the video places her alongside other high-profile Republican candidates around the country like former Ohio Congressman (and Dartmouth alum) Rob Portman, who is labeled a Bush Insider, and former Hewlett-Packard executive Carly Fiorina, who is dubbed one of America’s worst CEOs.
I know that some Granite Staters found it refreshing when the Union Leader ran an editorial in early August brushing back Washington elites in the national party for getting overly involved in state Republican candidate recruitment, but given how fundraising and technology have nationalized local elections, I am not sure there is any turning back at this point. In fact, I wrote a Portsmouth Herald column about this phenomenon during last year’s Senate race between John E. Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen, in the context of the tremendous number of negative ads being run in the state by the national parties and other outside groups. I don’t expect the battle for Judd Gregg’s seat to be any less nationalized in 2010, and this new DSCC video only reinforces that assumption.

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