Hey, You're a Good Crowd!
I watched President Obama’s town hall meeting in Portsmouth today via the web. I know the White House has insisted that the attendees were not vetted in advance for their political views, but that sure was one friendly crowd in the gymnasium this afternoon. Yesterday, I suggested that the combination of a sitting president, the Secret Service, New Hampshire's deliberative tradition, and Obama’s general popularity in the region could make for a town hall meeting that was a rather civilized affair (at least inside the venue), and that seemed to be the case today. But the upbeat, yes-we-can ambience certainly won’t earn Obama any new cred with his critics; my guess is they will use it to largely discount his performance.
As an aside, President Obama should consider sending a personal thank you note to former Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin for her recent over-the-top death panel posting on Facebook. Her comments read almost as satire, and as such they provided a big juicy target for Obama to hit in his effort to regain the messaging advantage against opponents on misinformation grounds. Palin, in an attempt to curry favor with her party’s base, unintentionally provided Obama with a fresh opportunity to cast the conservative critique of healthcare reform as just so much fringe politics, and we saw the president jump at the chance to do so almost immediately this afternoon.


Posted On: 08-13-2009 13:04:25 by Jim Splaine
Palin: The political gift for Democrats that keeps on giving.

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