She's Cramping Huckabee's Style
I didn’t intend for this to be a Mike Huckabee-themed week, but at this rate it could very well turn out that way. Once again, the former Arkansas governor has managed to catch my attention, even though I have been largely focused on other political players this week. This time what caught my eye were some comments made by Huckabee in response to Gov. Sarah Palin’s cap-and-trade op-ed piece in yesterday’s Washington Post. It’s not so much the specific content of Huckabee’s remarks that I find interesting, but the fact that in the almost two weeks since Palin announced her resignation, it feels as though Huckabee has essentially been shadowing her every move with his own running political narrative of her behavior.
I have come across Huckabee on the cable news shows on several occasions over the past two weeks, each time providing analysis of the latest Palin developments. He typically starts out with something complimentary, but always manages to end by raising one or more red flags regarding her behavior. In listening to his assessment of Palin, the phrase “backhanded compliment” has crossed my mind more than once.
I’m certainly not here to defend Sarah Palin’s recent behavior, but it has obviously had the additional consequence of really cramping Huckabee’s style. With his win in the 2008 Iowa Caucus, Huckabee prizes his status among social and religious conservatives. But with Palin now poised to go national as the true darling of these voters, it is Huckabee more than any other potential 2012 presidential candidate who is most likely to get his toes stepped on by a sharp Palin high heel. As a result, we are treated to this slightly odd ongoing Palin commentary from him. I can tell just from watching Huckabee that he already feels the pressure. We don’t know whether Palin will run for president in the future, but the relationship between these two will be a fascinating one to watch as they tend the same political grassroots.

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