Reagan Redux
If you haven’t had a chance to read Fergus Cullen’s recent provocative op-ed piece in the Union Leader, it is worth checking out. I think the former state Republican Party chair is on the right track with his argument that conservative elites’ obsession with Ronald Reagan could significantly hamper the party’s ability to field a slate of competitive candidates in future elections.
While I think it is fine to replenish one’s political strength with a return to first principles (be they Reagan’s or someone else’s), if those ideas are not clearly translated into a policy agenda which accounts for changing social, economic, and even technological contexts, then they will be of little use as a foundation on which to build a winning electoral coalition. Right now, the party’s increasingly homogenous base of conservative activists seems remarkably resistant to this realization. In a Cullen-related post earlier this year, I noted the peril this situation holds for the Republican Party’s relationship with younger voters, in particular.


Posted On: 06-12-2009 20:34:12 by ALL
Reagan, Sununu and Bush all stunk. So does Kerry, Obama and Shaheen. I don't expect anything better from the American State Empire.

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