Remaining McCain
I caught the interview with John McCain on the second half of NBC’s Meet the Press yesterday, and it felt like the old McCain was finally back (no pun intended). By that I mean he seemed both more reflective and, well, a bit more mavericky than he did towards the end of last year’s presidential campaign. I guess being back in the Senate has helped him to regain his political equilibrium.
You may recall that I was pretty tough on McCain in a column for the Portsmouth Herald, shortly before Election Day. At the time, McCain was struggling mightily with a perceived need to pose as a movement conservative, in order to mobilize the base of his party around his flagging candidacy. This circumstance was only magnified by the political circus surrounding his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin, and it caused him to essentially lose his political bearings.
So yesterday morning, McCain just seemed a lot more comfortable in his political skin. Gone were the William Ayers-induced paranoia, and any references to Joe the Plumber. While McCain did profess his love for the Palin family, that is about as far as he would go with an endorsement for 2012. As the show ended, I was reminded for the first time in a long-time of why McCain was able to win not one, but two New Hampshire Primaries.

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