Why Wait 24 Hours?
If these two items on Politico.com are any indication, the never-ending struggle between the White House and the media over control of the news cycle has picked up pretty much where it left off before the inauguration. Over the past few decades of technological innovation, the 24-hour news cycle has become the operational standard in the business, with both sides jockeying to shape how news emanating from the White House at any given moment is presented to the public, during the subsequent 24-hour period of news broadcasts and newspaper runs.
But it seems pretty obvious to me that what we are now experiencing is actually an instantaneous news cycle, in which the combination of even newer technology, blogs, the presence of traditional news outlets on the web, and the proliferation of cable news programs has resulted in a constant thirst for updated news content. My guess is that this new paradigm will put unparalleled demands on the White House communications shop, while also forcing reporters on the beat to compete more aggressively than ever for any new morsel of information on the president and his agenda. And, the strain of this new arrangement on both sides will show more quickly than ever before.

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