Fall Into The Gap
John DiStaso has an interesting piece in the Union Leader that serves as an exit interview of sorts (and companion piece to this op-ed) with outgoing state Republican Party Chairman Fergus Cullen. As I have said publicly on several occasions, I think Fergus is on the right track with his take on where the state Republican Party should head in the future, if it hopes to regain its competitiveness.
In the DiStaso piece, Cullen is quoted as saying:
“We have to be talking about issues that centrist voters care about. I suggest that we talk less about taxes and less about social issues and more about education, health care and conservation, as three examples…If you're 40 years old and you have kids and you have elderly parents and you've seen your IRA decline by 40 percent last year, your priorities are not on protesting civil unions. You are concerned about education and health care."
It’s not just 40 year-olds. Republicans should be concerned that Barack Obama won the 18 to 29 year-old demographic with 66 percent of the vote nationally. These are the kind of results that suggest the possibility of a generational shift in partisan identification. I saw this same phenomenon work in reverse to Republican advantage almost 30 years ago, while I was a college student during Ronald Reagan’s first term. Although we haven’t heard much about it yet from Gov. Sununu, I think bridging this generation gap will be one of the most difficult challenges he will face as leader of the state party.


Posted On: 01-17-2009 09:43:06 by Jim Splaine
DEEEEEAAANNNNN - stop it! Please don't let the Republicans know what they've been doing wrong! I've always wondered why they think people are just concerned about their cries against taxes or calls for cutting spending -- when as a political party they don't deliver on either lower taxes or reduced spending. They must think people are stupid. But, I also don't want to tell them that Fergus might be right, and they need to broaden their message. If the Republicans came around and fought for full marriage equality, I'd be confused about what they're up to.

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