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I guess this is technically my first post of the 2012 presidential campaign, which will likely pit incumbent Barack Obama against a Republican challenger to be named later. I wasn’t intending to begin writing about the next presidential election so soon, but I couldn’t help myself, once I learned of former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's upcoming book tour. Beginning next week, and continuing over the course of 17 days, Huckabee will be hitting 53 cities in 18 states to do publicity for his new campaign memoir, Do the Right Thing. You can view his itinerary here, and also see his Straight Talk Express-style tour bus.
Not surprisingly, Huckabee’s itinerary reads like a roadmap left over from the 2008 presidential primary cycle. Highlights include an early visit to the first presidential caucus state of Iowa, and a bit later to the first southern presidential primary state of South Carolina. In between, Huckabee will hit virtually every major battleground state, including Missouri, Ohio, Florida and Virginia, as well as some traditional Republican strongholds like Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia.
I am sure the trip is partly motivated by the desire to boost book sales, but one can’t help but notice the opportunity this particularly itinerary gives Huckabee to touch base with grassroots social conservatives who are no doubt unhappy with the outcome of last Tuesday’s election.


Posted On: 11-11-2008 23:21:24 by Peter
The republicans will have to think up a new way to get people to vote for them seeing how the democrats are becoming increasing hawkish and supportive of "Homeland Security." Bah, I wish both parties would disintegrate.

Posted On: 11-11-2008 12:37:40 by Jim Splaine
It's amazing that there are only 1,454 days before the next Presidential Election! I'm not being sarcastic about that -- it's not all that much time. In politics, it's decades from now, and in politics everything can change in a short time. The only real constant in politics is "change." Democrats should keep in mind, as I think we do, that the "pendulum of politics" goes back and forth -- and a victory last week can turn into defeat in the next election. It will be fascinating to see Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin and a dozen other Republicans scramble for 2012. But for political junkies, it's a fascinating time!

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