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Having gambled massively on the presidential election and lost, there will be no Cabinet appointment for Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman in a McCain Administration. The big question now is whether Lieberman will be expelled from the Senate’s Democratic Caucus, or at a minimum be stripped of his Homeland Security committee chairmanship. There have been several developments on this front in the past 24 hours, including exploratory talks between Lieberman and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell about potential membership in the Senate’s Republican Caucus, but the matter is still unresolved.
It seems like there is some genuine sentiment among Democratic Senators for kicking Lieberman out of their caucus, even if it means they will be one seat further away from a filibuster-proof majority. Perhaps if Lieberman had supported John McCain in somewhat less high-profile fashion, he would be in less peril now. But he was as highly visible a supporter of McCain as humanly possible, without actually joining the Republican ticket. We now know that McCain would have preferred this, but he instead settled on Sarah Palin after conservatives threatened to revolt at the convention. For the moment at least, Joe Lieberman appears to be a politician without a party.


Posted On: 11-10-2008 10:00:30 by Jim Splaine
Good points, Dean. My speculation is that in politics, the immediate needs and goals are more important than what happened yesterday, or what will happen in two or four years. So I think Washington Democrats will find a way to keep Joe Lieberman happy, so long that he somewhat returns to the fold. But I would think many of the Senator's "friends" in Connecticut will remain in the past tense, now and next time as well.

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