McCain Calls a Timeout
Well, I certainly didn’t see the John McCain campaign suspension, debate postponement curveball coming, but it sure will make for a lively weekend of political discussion. Whatever you might think of his campaign’s motives, on one level the move is pure old school, country first McCain.
Putting aside the empirical question of whether either nominee’s physical presence in Washington will make any difference in the financial bailout negotiations, my sense is that initial reaction to the move will fall along fairly predictable partisan lines. Republicans will laud McCain for putting the interests of the nation ahead of his own personal ambition, while Democrats will label it a political stunt designed to shift public and media attention away from a difficult week on the campaign trail and sagging poll numbers.
The real question is whether moderates and independents will view McCain’s move as altruism or gimmickry. Because the announcement came only a few hours ago, I don’t really have a good feel yet for how the suspension is playing with these crucial swing voters. But given the few conversations I’ve already had with journalists, we will soon find out. Only then can we fully assess the impact that this remarkable political gamble by McCain might have on his electoral fortunes.


Posted On: 09-24-2008 20:02:34 by Mort Slifkin
Gimmickry: pushing the debates off gives Palin more time to study.

Posted On: 09-25-2008 16:38:15 by jay welsh
Not really sure how Sen McCain defines "suspending my campaign" inasmuch as his ads are still criss-crossing the airwaves and his surrogates are still out there trawling for votes. More straight talking from the "straight talk express"? jbw

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