Sununu Steps Away from McCain
One piece of conventional wisdom around here has been that having a presidential nominee at the top of the Republican ticket who is popular with New Hampshire voters should provide John Sununu with an additional boost to his Senate reelection battle against Jeanne Shaheen. John McCain’s favorability in New Hampshire was at a very respectable 56 percent over the summer in a University of New Hampshire survey. Even with the demise of straight ticket voting, the sense of political observers in the state has been that Sununu’s ability to associate himself with the popular McCain, while distancing himself from the tremendously unpopular President Bush, could pay dividends for him in the voting booth.
So I was very interested to see this item on today reporting Sununu’s decision to distance himself from McCain’s recent remarks that despite several large Wall Street institutions going under, “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.” While I don’t think Sununu is exactly forsaking McCain, he is smart to chart his own course away from both the Republican ticket and incumbent administration, whenever he deems it necessary for maintaining his own campaign’s viability.

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