Did You Know McCain is a Maverick?
Let’s stipulate that John McCain’s pick of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate was a big surprise. But if you were playing a television drinking game keyed to the word maverick, you would have spent most of the holiday weekend flat out under the table, such was the ad nauseum use of the word by the media and political elites to describe both McCain and Palin over the past few days.
It is true the choice of Palin is a gamble, for all of the reasons now being furiously chewed over in the media. But there is another way McCain could have truly demonstrated his maverick credentials. He could have picked former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge or Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman (my earlier comments aside) as his vice presidential nominee. As we are now learning from additional reporting, McCain really wanted either of these men as his partner, but was ultimately dissuaded by staff from doing so, for fear of a convention floor backlash against their pro-choice credentials.
Once those two options were off the table, McCain quickly settled on Palin, a darling of the party’s right wing. So, in one sense, McCain was actually captured by social conservatives, who exercised a veto over his true vice presidential preference. McCain may now believe Palin is his political soul mate, but by picking someone who hit the sweet spot of his own party’s base, McCain didn't necessarily make himself any more of a maverick.


Posted On: 09-02-2008 22:00:28 by Georgia
Mc Cain's pick of Palin is a sad attempt of the GOP to strangely grasp for the woman vote. Such a sad commentary on the state of the Republican Party. The comparison is non-existent and Biden will surely skewer Palin in a debate and demonstrate the strength and experience of the democratic ticket. We look forward to the "soap opera" nature of this election...

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