A piece in today’s Los Angeles Times reports that supporters of Hillary Clinton are planning to use the Democratic National Convention to push for a plank in the party’s platform condemning the pervasive gender bias in the media that they believe Senator Clinton experienced throughout her run for the nomination. While pitched battles over the content of a party’s platform are nothing new, and are usually of importance only to hardcore activists and other political elites, this one could be different.
I have written previously about why Barack Obama should not wait to resolve the Clinton-as-vice president question. If he waits until just before the convention to announce his vice presidential pick, and (as expected) it is not Hillary Clinton, then his campaign could have a rather complex public relations problem on its hands. The combination of a passionate platform fight over gender bias, Clinton’s rejection as a running mate, and delegates voting for Clinton during the roll call vote, could undercut the Obama campaign’s ability to control the news cycle, and derail its attempts to present a unified party coming out of Denver. Although things have been quiet on the dream ticket front in recent weeks, Obama could find himself with one major political distraction on his hands later this month.

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