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In case you are wondering what Ron Paul has been doing lately, well, he’s still running for the Republican presidential nomination. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that as recently as last Tuesday Paul took 15% of the vote in the Oregon Primary. An article in Sunday’s New York Times, takes a closer look at the remarkable level of commitment among Paul’s supporters, but unfortunately doesn’t provide us with any new insight into how they plan to make their presence felt at the Republican convention in Minneapolis later this summer.
Since Paul has chosen not pursue the Libertarian Party’s nomination this time (as he did in 1988), I assume that he intends to work within the constraints of the Republican Party’s nomination process, or to at least test its limitations a bit. A few months ago, I wrote about how Paul’s contentious relationship with John McCain could make him a real thorn in the side of the presumptive nominee at the convention. I will be interested to see whether Paul can secure a sufficiently visible platform from which to speak at that time, and, if so, precisely how the McCain campaign will attempt to stage-manage the resultant outpouring of enthusiasm from Paul’s dedicated supporters.

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