I have come across several news stories today reporting that Barack Obama is transitioning to a general election strategy, rather than wait for the six contests remaining on the Democratic primary schedule to conclude on June 3rd. While there are a variety of strategic reasons for him to begin this process, what caught my attention was an item reporting that as a result of this decision, Obama would campaign in Michigan on Wednesday, one day after tomorrow’s West Virginia primary. Well, it was actually the Republican National Committee’s reaction to this announcement that I found so interesting. As reported by First Read, the RNC emailed out the following paragraph:
“Barack Obama can travel wherever he wants, but it won’t make his calls for higher taxes, restricted gun rights, and proposed meetings with state sponsors of terrorism any more appealing. Wherever Obama takes his flawed message, voters will learn more about the weak leadership he has demonstrated on important issues confronting the nation. Obama’s punitive tax plan shows he doesn’t understand the American economy or how to rejuvenate it – and that’s no different in Michigan, Florida or the other the states on his itinerary.”
I was struck by how remarkably comprehensive this brief RNC missive is in its itemization of the attacks that Obama will face in places like Michigan and Florida. Keep in mind that this is in response to a travel itinerary, not to anything actually said by Obama in one of these battleground states, and you get a pretty good sense of just how intense the tactical battle between the two parties will be this fall.

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