Carter's Gift to Obama Keeps on Giving
In two recent posts, I discussed why I thought that the near-endorsement of Barack Obama by former president and superdelegate Jimmy Carter might actually be a mixed blessing for the Obama campaign. I suggested that Carter’s upcoming meeting with representatives from Hamas has the potential to cause at least a peripheral headache for the campaign, despite Obama’s recent statement that he personally would not take such a meeting.
Well, the McCain campaign released a statement on the matter today, and it is pretty much the kind of headache I had in mind. The missive is ostensibly directed at President Carter, but it actually spends more time chiding Obama for not denouncing the former president, and attempts to turn the whole episode into a broader reflection of Obama’s lack of leadership in foreign policy. While Obama isn’t responsible for Carter’s actions in Syria, it is also no surprise to see the McCain campaign use the current situation and Carter’s earlier not-so-veiled statement of support for Obama to its own tactical advantage, and probably not for the last time.

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