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As expected, there have been a number of stories in the past 24 hours that characterize the media’s initial vetting of the thousands of just-released pages detailing Hillary Clinton’s schedule as First Lady. Based on my prior experience with White House archival material (and redaction), I suggested in an earlier post that much of what is contained in those files would not be especially useful.
I also noted, however, that what keeps a researcher digging page after page is the possibility that some small, yet intriguing, morsel will eventually grab his or her attention. With the media, such a discovery would likely send the news cycle quickly spinning off in some unexpected direction. That appears to be the case with several schedule entries suggesting Hillary Clinton’s active support for the passage of NAFTA, during President Clinton’s first term. Clinton has downplayed her support of the treaty to some advantage in recent weeks, and has also used it to put Obama on the defensive. So, this may be the first story to come out of these White House documents with any real tactical implications for the presidential race. I’m guessing that the Clinton campaign was primarily focused on getting past the obligatory stories on the First Lady’s whereabouts during the Lewinsky scandal.

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