And Now for Something Completely Different
For those of you who are craving some political news about presidential candidates not named Clinton, Obama or McCain, you may have missed recent reports that both Dennis Kucinich and Ron Paul won their respective state Congressional primaries on Tuesday, allowing them to run to keep their legislative seats in November. While there had been some earlier speculation that Kucinich might face a significant challenge from four other Democratic candidates in Cleveland, he defeated the competition by a fairly comfortable electoral margin.
Ron Paul also posted an intriguing new campaign video yesterday, in which he sort of drops out of the presidential race, yet talks about continuing the competition for delegates, while discussing the next phase of his grassroots movement. I will be interested to see if (and how) the iconoclastic politician makes his voice heard at the Republican convention in September.  You may recall this little exchange between Paul and John McCain, now the presumptive Republican nominee, at the CNN/YouTube debate last November.

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