Where's Rudy?
As I watched the Republican debate last night, I noticed that it felt downright odd to see Rudy Giuliani in the flesh and blood talking presidential politics at a New Hampshire political venue. Watching Giuliani turn in a solid debate performance, only underscored the extent to which he has been absent from the Granite State, and from the recent Republican presidential campaign discourse, as well.
Giuliani’s campaign has blown hot and cold in New Hampshire over the past year. Some thought the state might be a good match for him, particularly on social issues. But the campaign never hit its stride here, and now Giuliani must hope that the early Republican contests see a plurality of winners, so that there is still no dominant frontrunner when the race moves on to Florida on January 29th, and to the 24 states holding primaries and caucuses on February 5th. If either Mike Huckabee or John McCain builds significant momentum through multiple victories before that time, Giuliani may find that New Hampshire was an opportunity unnecessarily missed.

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