Is Ron Paul on the Move?
With a remarkable $4.3 million one-day fundraising haul on Monday, following on the heels of a good third quarter total, Congressman Ron Paul seems poised to do something, but the question is what? Political observers have noted that Paul’s antiwar stance and broad libertarian message might make him a pretty good fit for New Hampshire, in comparison to other early primary and caucus states. Not surprisingly, Paul has begun advertising here, added staff, and promised more New Hampshire campaign activity in the near future.
Still, despite a national network of dedicated followers, and some initial moves toward an increased presence in the state, Paul has not broken double digits in any polls of New Hampshire voters, consistently finishing in fourth place or below. I am not yet convinced that Paul’s campaign can translate the energy surrounding his candidacy nationally into measurable gains on the ground here. Until such time, speculation will continue to center on whether Paul’s constituency is actually better suited to drive a third party run for the presidency. Paul certainly would not be the first independent candidate to have his prospects buoyed by a core group of disaffected voters, who do not see any other good options in either of the two major parties.

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