David Brooks Leaf-Peeps Mike Huckabee
In an earlier post, I puzzled over why former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, despite his second place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll in August, was not getting more traction as a potential conservative standard-bearer in the race for the Republican presidential nomination. In today’s New York Times, David Brooks (writing from Rindge) amplifies the case for Huckabee’s inclusion in the first tier of Republican presidential candidates.
This is especially fitting, given that Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is expected to end his bid for the Republican nomination later today. I have often noted that, in the implicit head-to-head match-up between these two social conservatives, Huckabee has largely eclipsed Brownback as the more viable candidate. Despite his distinctive brand of compassionate conservatism, and his bipartisan proposal (with Joe Biden) for a federal solution in Iraq, Brownback always seemed lost somewhere in the large and aggressive field of Republican competitors.


Posted On: 10-25-2007 13:41:55 by TC
If it wasn't for Huckabee's publicity bump for coming in second in the ridiculous Ames straw poll -- which he only managed because McCain and Giuliani declined to blow large amounts of money to corral voters and truck them to market -- he still wouldn't be given the time of day by self-appointed national opinion pooh-bahs. Case in point, David Brooks, whose column could have been written two years ago. But it wasn't, because, of course, Huckabee wasn't a "serious player". When David Brooks starts paying attention to something before it becomes the supremely obvious trend of the moment, I'll start paying attention to David Brooks.

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