The Puzzle That is Mike Huckabee

I continue to puzzle over why Mike Huckabee is not running a more competitive race for the Republican nomination.  He has received universally strong reviews for his many debate performances, has been singled out by both Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich as the only candidate sufficiently talented to challenge any of the top tier Republicans, and has largely eclipsed Sam Brownback as the most viable religious conservative in the race.

Yet, despite substantial media coverage of his second place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll in August, Huckabee's fundraising continues to lag, and his organization has yet to turn all of that favorable press into substantial gains on the campaign trail.


Posted On: 10-05-2007 14:56:48 by jbw
Agree. I've always thought, from a Republican perspective at least, that he'd be the perfect immensely likeable, quiet-spoken, thoughtful (notwithstanding his position on Darwinian evolution) Baptist minister with a pleasant, not-too-southern accent. Perhaps his failure to connect with the Republican base has more to do with his reluctance to offer up red meat in defense of his positions and against potential opposition in both parties. In short, maybe he's too nice. jbw

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