This website was conceived as a forum for open dialogue on politics and policy. I will offer you my best professional take on presidential politics and policy, on campaigns and elections, and on New Hampshire politics and its presidential primary. In return, I hope that you will enrich the political discourse at, with your own thoughtful emails and comment postings to the website. I will do my best to incorporate them into the daily flow of the political dialogue that you will find here. I have no partisan or political agenda to pursue through this website, so readers of all ideological stripes should feel comfortable engaging my attempts to bring greater insight and clarity to an often noisy and chaotic political process. In addition to the regularly updated blog, I will also be posting occasional longer pieces in the Essays section of the website.

I am often asked why I chose the name,, for this website. Political observers have noted for years that political capital is the universal currency of politics. The concept encapsulates all of the potential resources that a politician can bring to bear on achieving a desired political outcome, be it election to public office, legislative success for a policy initiative, or enhanced political stature. It is partially in recognition of the central importance of this idea to my own understanding of the political process that I have chosen the name. Also, in a small bit of serendipity, this website is originating from Concord, New Hampshire, the state’s political capital, and a perfect spot from which to observe the interplay of state and national politics.

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