Dean Spiliotes writes A student of politics and policy for over 25 years, Dean Spiliotes is a veteran political scientist and political analyst. He has broad expertise in presidential politics and policy, campaigns and elections, and New Hampshire politics and its presidential primary. Author of the book, Vicious Cycle: Presidential Decision Making in the American Political Economy, Dean has also published research in a variety of academic journals including, The American Journal of Political Science, The Journal of Politics, and Presidential Studies Quarterly.

During his years as a political science professor, Dean Spiliotes taught presidential politics in the Government Department at Dartmouth College and in the Politics Department at Saint Anselm College. At Saint Anselm, Dean also served as Director of Research for the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, where he led a statewide survey research initiative, The New Hampshire Civic Index, designed to measure the civic knowledge, attitudes and behavior of New Hampshire citizens.

Dean Spiliotes provides frequent political commentary and analysis for local, national and international print, broadcast, and web-based media. He received his B.A. in history from Haverford College, and his M.A. and Ph.D. in political science from the University of Chicago.


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